Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture is highly effective in treating many conditions common during pregnancy, including: nausea, muscle aches, low back / hip pain, migraine / tension headaches, and depression. It is also used to help promote the induction of labor.

Acupuncture & Pregnancy

Nausea during Pregnancy: Whether there is morning sickness through the first trimester or beyond, acupuncture is very well known for treating nausea:

  • Acupuncture during pregnancy can help reduce the severity of the nausea, and even reduce the instance of vomiting.
  • Special acupuncture points are used to help reduce stomach acid, reduce queasiness, and improve energy level.
  • A very safe and effective treatment during pregnancy, acupuncture works well with prescription medicine as well.

Pain in Pregnancy: MRI studies have shown that acupuncture “calms” the brain in times of stress and pain.This information demonstrates that not only is acupuncture effective at treating local inflamed areas, for example, muscle tissue, but it also effects the brain and how the body perceives pain.

Acupuncture and pre-natal massage is effective in treating various pain disorders during pregnancy, such as:

Low Back/Sciatic/Hip Pain: Muscle spasms and nerve impingement is common in many pregnant women, especially in the low back, sacrum, coccyx, and buttocks area. Acupuncture increases blood circulation to the local muscle tissue to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Migraine and Tension Headaches: Migraine headaches and tension headaches are very common in pregnancy in the second trimester. Whether from hormonal changes or very tight neck and shoulder muscles, acupuncture works to relax the muscle tissue and alleviate pain.Most patients see a decrease in headache frequency and severity of pain.

Depression in Pregnancy: A 2010 study (Manber R et. al.,Obstetrics and Gynecology2010; 115: 511-520) showed that acupuncture was an excellent treatment option for depression during pregnancy and overall emotional well-being of patients.

  • Treating depression during pregnancy can help reduce the chances of postpartum depression.
  • The positive results of acupuncture treatment during a pregnancy can lead to a much easier transition to new motherhood.
  • The absence of side effects far outweighs the risks of pharmacological therapy.

Labor Induction: Acupuncture can prepare your body for, and induce labor. Learn more about inducing labor with acupuncture.

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