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Injury Rehabilitation

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine fit remarkably well into an injury rehab program. For example, whether you are preparing for a surgery or recovering from a surgery (pre or post operative), acupuncture is excellent at helping to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Acupuncture Before and After Surgery

Before your surgery we can help you get as comfortable as possible whether it is relating to your pain or anxiety or worry prior to your surgery. Following  surgery, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and massage therapy are excellent ways at helping you to recover. For example we have many patients that will come in following minor knee surgeries, knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries, surgeries from various types of cancer, and many gynecological surgeries. One of the most wonderful things about acupuncture is that it has virtually no side effects, so will not interfere with any other rehabilitative services that you may need to do to facilitate your recovery.

By using acupuncture pre and post operatively, it will  bring blood flow into the area to speed up the healing process. The result is less swelling, less pain, and less complications. Our patients find that when they combine acupuncture and Chinese medicine along with massage therapy and physical therapy their recovery is much faster.

Often, following an injury, there may be stiffness in the area as well. This is actually one of the most common complaints. Stiffness may lead to reduced range of motion, pain, and impaired walking. That is where acupuncture and our wonderful team of massage therapists and acupressurists can facilitate improvement in range of motion. We will teach you too apply particular stretches and pressure points that you will be able to do it home, which will really improve recovery time.

Where Do I Start?

Chinese Medicine involves a complete program of acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle modification.
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Our Approach

We believe in a complementary approach to treatment and work closely with the patient's physicians to best fulfill the patient's needs.
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We believe in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy involving acupuncture, nutrition, and Chinese herbal medicine.
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