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At the Kokin Healing Center, we're all about education. We love to empower our patients to learn how to take good care of their bodies; and we're always learning ourselves. In that spirit, the Healing Blog is a place for us to teach and to learn. We hope you enjoy these posts and share them with friends, family and colleagues.

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    IBS: Relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome, otherwise known as “spastic colon,” is a common disorder that affects the colon and causes many disruptive symptoms. Many of these symptoms can be managed with a simple change in diet and lifestyle. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture may be able to help.IBS symptoms may include gas, bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea, pain, mucus, an uncomfortably full feeling  and abdominal cramping.   Read More...

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    5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of White Tea

    Many people do not realize the extraordinary benefits of white tea.Did you know that white tea has been proven to combat various types of cancer; including stomach, prostate, and colon?In fact, drinking 2 or 3 cups of white tea per day could reduce the risk of a heart attack by roughly 50%.Read on to learn about the many other benefits of white tea, which are especially potent in the loose leaf form.  Combating Cancer Is One of the Primary Benefits of White TeaResearchers from the Universit...  Read More...

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    Fertility Acupuncture: A Healthy Alternative to Expensive Fertility Drugs

    For some women, the ability conceiving comes easy.For others, it can be a much more difficult and stressful problem. We know that often it's easy to get emotional and feel like it's your fault that you can't conceive. Sometimes, you feel like you'd be willing to try anything to have a baby.If you are having trouble conceiving, it can be tempting to turn to fertility drugs for help.However, a woman's body is already exposed to a wide array of toxins, chemicals, and other harmful materials in ever...  Read More...

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    Acupuncture: More than just needles

    Most people have heard of the field of acupuncture by now, but did you realize the scope of the practice encompasses Chinese medicine, which includes so much more than needles? Let’s explore this ancient therapy.First of all, the practice of Chinese medicine starts with a diagnosis. The practitioner asks many questions to build a history; this includes the answers to digestion, appetite, diet, sleep patterns, bowel movement urination, pain, lifestyle, and stress level, for example.   Read More...

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    5 Fitness Benefits of Using a Health Coach

    Have you been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds? Maybe you're new to fitness and don't know where to begin. Or perhaps you're not sure how dieting and food modification fits into the equation?   Read More...

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    Using acupuncture to treat drug addiction

    Addiction is defined as the compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance, which means addiction can manifest in a lot of different ways. Learn how we treat one of the most dangerous addictive vices: illicit drugs and alcohol.    Read More...

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    Does Your Liver Need a Spring Tune-Up?

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is ruled by a particular organ system and spring is connected to the liver. What does this mean? Well, you probably notice changes in the way you feel, both physically and mentally, as the seasons change. If your liver is a little out of balance, you might notice you are more irritable or on edge than usual. Here are a few signs that your liver is in need of an acupuncture tune-up.  Read More...

  • 4 ways acupuncture can improve your health

    For 3,500 years, we have used acupuncture as a form of therapy. Learn more about how this treatment unlocks your Qi energy to activate internal self-healing mechanisms and several surprising health benefits it provides.  Read More...

  • How prenatal massage helps you and your child

    Whether it's aches, pains, or anxiety that comes from pregnancy, prenatal massage has amazing healing benefits for expectant mothers and their growing babies. Here's what to know.  Read More...

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    Election-induced anxiety

    One of the most common complaints we've been seeing in the past month has been a serious mental health issue: election induced anxiety. The American psychological Association says that 52% of American adults are coping with high levels of stress brought on by the election, according to national Harris poll survey data released last week, according to the New York Times.  Read More...

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